Ion song


Petite chansonnette dont le texte est de ma copine Marion. Paroles :

He used to say, expect nothing, live in the moment,
He used to say nothing was really serious
I knew he was telling the truth
But I did not want to hear it

I dare say it was the first time
So different yet so alike
The illusion of what you are willing to believe
In the dark swirls of the Kid’s room

But caught in his gaze I forgot all
Because I was willing time to stop
So I wouldn’t have to wonder
About this situation I didn’t want to deal to

I did not want to see the void behind his clear laugh
I did not want to hear his lies between two sighs
When his fingers brushed against my skin, I just
Wanted to close my eyes and forget… everything…

I did not want to be hurt
Knowing he could break me
With just a word… a gesture…
Or simply a look…

Article by Bruno

"Mon Journal Intime" - Y'a pas de contributeurs, éditeurs et autres auteurs. C'est parfois écrit bizarrement ... pourrit ... Prolixe ... tant pis ! J'écris vrai à l'instant T et je retouche quand ça ne me plait plus à l'instant T + n.

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